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    “No one takes care of Veterans like Veterans.”

    A great saying that’s as true today as it was in my grandfather’s generation, the Greatest Generation.

    It’s the same for Veteran Owned Businesses
    We help each other out by referring customers to each other, by sharing resources and business advice, and by holding each other to a higher standard just like we did when we were on active duty.  We take pride in being part of a highly integrous group of businesses and we take our responsibilities as employers and as contributing members of our communities just as seriously. 

    How can VetsDesk help?
    By providing a mechanism by which to promote and refer customers to each other AND by providing tangible services, support, and even products to each other that can help our businesses be more successful.

    Case in Point
    VetsDesk’s parent company, High Order Solutions, provides FREE business software, FREE software training, and a FREE and secure place to work besides your kitchen table, out of the back of your car, or a noisy coffee shop.

    Why would we do this?
    If we help your business grow while you’re just starting up maybe you’ll remember us when it comes time to need our products or services. In short, you don’t have to spend money until we’ve helped you grow and earn it first.   And maybe you’ll refer us some business along the way as a way of saying “Thank You”. 

    Is this like other Co-Working companies?
    Absolutely not. They’re just landlords with open concepts and, frankly, could care less if your business succeeds or fails just as long as you keep paying rent. VetsDesk provides the tools and resources to give your business the best chance of success and our network members refer business your way to help you grow.

    Join our VOB Collaboration Network Today!
    There’s no obligation. There’s no “catch”. Just our way of paying it forward. Call or Stop by today for more information. 

    Fill out our Try VetsDesk Free Contact Form (Left) and someone will contact you shortly.  You don’t even need to download your Free “Leave” Pass if you’re looking for information about our Collaboration Network.

    Or if you HATE filling out contact information forms, we completely understand. Please call us anytime and we can answer any of your questions. 972-294-7014 x9000.

    This may seem too good to be true but we can assure you, it is for real. When we all work together, referring each other customers, everyone wins. Imagine, your one company with the collective contact reach of DOZENS of companies, FOR FREE.

    AND we train and hire Veterans too!
    VetsDesk by HOS was awarded the 2019 Platinum Medallion!